Korea Trip Day 1 Let's Go to Korea~~

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p.s. this photo is not from day 1, but I decided to use it, just this one because too little photos for day 1.

Finally, finally I get to finish this post^^ I've been super lazy lately, didn't even blog for how many days already!! But since I promised you guys about my Korea Day trip already, so I have to fulfill my promise 8) It takes a long time for me to finish this post especially because of the photos.. I just realized I have too many selcas of my own rather than the places. Things to be noted down, next time I'm going somewhere and planning to blog about it, I should take more pictures of the places rather than being *narsis* taking pictures of my face lol. 
Anyway, as you can see in the title this is my Korea Trip Day 1. However, basically for the first day we just take off from Surabaya to Hongkong to Incheon. Then nothing more. We didn't explore Korea yet, just spending our time in the hotel. But I decided to still include it just in case you guys want to see it.. just in case.. ^^

Anyway to start off with, my flight to HK is at 8 15 am. so I have to arrive in Juanda International Airport Surabaya around 6 am. *early* I have to wake up at 4. I decided not to sleep actually, but then I had nothing to do, so I tried to sleep. However, spending more than 1 hour in bed, my eyes are still wide open like seriously, probably I was toooooo excited about my trip thus I can't sleep. I usually can't sleep before my trip or vacation, dunno why.. So, I just rest.. Then around 3 30 am, I started getting ready from my skincare and makeup because it takes a long time lol^^ Then after we're all ready around 5 30 I would say, we called two taxis and we're on our way to the airport~

Honestly I thought we were too early arriving in the airport, but then surprisingly everyone is on time. After short briefing from the TL, we checked in and waited in the lounge. We waited, and waited just to find out that our plane has been delayed for an hour -____- So we continue waiting... Right then, I bbm-ed with my bestie and found out that they're also in the airport going to Singapore. We met for a while, just to have little chit chat and take photos *lol girls nowadays*

Finally, it's time to get to the airplane and takeoff. From Surabaya to HK took around 5 hours if I'm not mistakes. The first thing I do in the airplane = sleep. I just woke up when flight attendants or cabin crews were distributing food. Cathay Pacific's food is not bad, it's actually pretty tasty :p and they also give snacks like fried peanuts and crackers, not to forget they also give out playing cards if you ask for one. I did.

I was bored so I took picture of the cloud^^

In HongKong, we were supposed to have 3 hours to go around the airport for shopping, but due to the delayed plane from SBY, we only have around 1 and a half hour free time. We just eat and that's it. Then continue in the plane on our way to Incheon Korea which took around 3 to 4 hours.

lol my mom took candid pictures of me playing with my iPad..

Arriving in Korea with lots of excitement, literally smiling wide open like crazy. In the airport, I didn't wear my jacket because I didn't feel any coldness at all. But then, after meeting my super pretty Korean tour leader named G.na (like a singer's name if you guys know^^) she told me to wear my jacket because it was freezing outside. At first, I was like seriously? I didn't feel anything at all. Then after a while, my Indonesian TL ko Rendy led us to our bus to go to the hotel. The moment the door from the airport opened, super strong cold wind hit my face and I was like "Oh It's freezing here" lol. I didn't remember seeing snow outside the airport tho, but I do remember seeing snow on our way to the hotel and outside the hotel. It was pretty embarrassing and *katrok* but I don't care. It is my first time experiencing winter and it is my first time seeing snow in real  life so it's kind of understandable to see everything in awe.

took photo in Incheon international airport

say hi to my Korean TL. G.na and John. Can't see the photo clearly but no worries, there will be more pictures in the next posts^^

Our first hotel is Harbour Park Hotel(4*) in Incheon. The hotel was pretty nice and clean. It provides wifi but only in the lobby :( I was braving myself to talk to John in Korean language, partly forced by my mom so that I can practice my Korean  that's what she said lol. Tho, I'm not pretty good, but he can still understand, so I guess I'm not bad wkwkwk.. Stayed in the lobby for a long time to watch Running man hoping that I could meet them when I was in Korea. I also tried going outside to take pictures with the snow even though it was so cold.

my hand was freezing just to do a 'v' post wkwk

inside the hotel


Just FYI, my trip to Korea is from Felia Tour and Travel. Four families; my family, my friend's family, and two others, in total of 18 people(4 families), 1 Indonesian tour leader, 1 Korean tour leader and 1 Korean photographer/tour leader.

I guess that's all for my Korea Trip Day 1. So sorry for the long wordy post with lack of photos. Next post will definitely contains more photos^^ Follow my blog for more upcoming Korea Trip posts ^^ Also, don't forget to check my Korean Haul Part 1 and 2. Part 3 is still in progress^^

Hope you like it
Thank you for reading^^


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