Review: Lt Pro Smooth Corrector Cream Foundation

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Annyeong~ ヾ(^∇^)

I'm back with another Indonesian Product Review which is from Lt pro and it is their smooth corrector cream foundation. Trying to find a good foundation for yourself or for your client?, I have to say that this foundation is can be your good choice. I'm so impressed with this foundie to be honest. Seriously I think local products are awesome, at least the ones that I've tried. ⊂((・▽・))⊃

They come in three colors:  
Plum Rose: Light Beige
Chestnut: Natural Beige
Yellow Orange: Sand Beige
I personally don't like the fact that they only have three shades, it would be a lot better if they have  more colors. Even though for myself (I'm quite fair), I only use the Plum Rose that suits my skin the best and use Chestnuts for shading. But for some people and my clients, it would be better to have more choices. 

Plum Rose. I only need a small amount and it can cover my whole face. (≧∇≦)/

I used this a lot for my clients and for my shading.

I usually used this for cover dark circles and imperfection of the skin first before applying the natural shade of foundation to my client's face or skin. I used this a lot when I practice doing makeup in Chenny han, because usually the people I worked with were quite dark skinned(not trying to put any racism or any offense there) |・ω・`) 
Sometimes I will also use this and mixed it with the Chestnut for more divined shading for myself (・∀・)


Blended. As you can see the yellow orange is way to dark for me.

I love this foundation so far. It cover my redness(discoloration not acne scars) perfectly. It also covers my freckles!!! (≧∇≦)/ Yes you still can see it a bit if you stare at my face in a close distance, but that's okay with me. If you want to have more coverage just apply more on that spot or use concealer. It has high coverage and I'm sure of that. Some of the people I've worked with has imperfections like severe dark circles, acne scars and different skin color(discoloration) and this foundi cover really well and it doesn't make your face look so cakey. It's not natural like bb cream of course, but it's not cakey. If you asked, Does it seems like I'm wearing foundation? of course (-_- ) . But for parties, I personally think you want to look like you're wearing makeup but not so heavy and cakey. Different from everyday makeup, I want to look as natural as possible, at least for me. That's why for everyday makeup I wouldn't wear this, I would prefer bb cream instead.

This foundation stays for so long. I wear them for 10 hours and they still look as great. (´ε` )♡ They are also waterproof( I think) because when I sweat and dabbed my sweats with tissue, the foundi stays on my face. Unless you swipe it with tissue then I guess the foundie will be transferred.

Note: I forgot how much the price was, but I look around in the internet it was around 95K IDR .

High coverage
long lasting
Only need a little of products for the whole face

Can be seen wearing foundation
only comes in three shades

Disclaimer: I bought this with my own money^^ This review is 100% based on my own opinion and experience  The products I reviewed may work differently on each person, so please be careful (*^3^)

I hope this review helps^^
Thank you◕‿◕


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